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Canva Pro Free Trial – Free Access to Canva for 30 Days

February 16, 2022
canva pro

Canva Pro is Canva’s premium plan, which includes additional capabilities such as limitless image and content storage. You can post your own photographs and browse billions of others for $1 a piece. You’ll also have accessibility to 400,000 free pictures, graphics, and themes that aren’t available anywhere else. Educators, companies…

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Core Web Vitals : What are & How to Improve them in 5 Simple Ways

February 11, 2022

Core Web Vitals are page interaction markers that quantify a website’s user experience. Briefly stated, these indications indicate how quickly consumers will be able to interact with your website and the type of outcome they will receive. These metrics also indicate how simple it is for users to navigate the…

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What is DR and UR? URL Rating (UR) and Domain Rating (DR) Metrics

March 16, 2021

What is DR & UR? Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR) are the measurements Ahrefs uses to rate the backlink profile of a site. DR is a proportion of the amount and nature of the backlinks going to the whole area, while UR rates the backlinks going to a…

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Why & How Aksshit Sold his Blog for $6000

January 13, 2021

We have Aksshit Wadhwa, the previous proprietor of, in our current interview. Here’s a little about for you. is top notch blog to learn about Blogging & SEO tips, tricks & techniques, and Making Money Online for massive profits. About the Proprietor Aksshit Wadhwa, a Digital Marketer…

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How Web Design Can Boost Your Sales in 2022 : Proven Ways

October 7, 2020
Boost sales with Web design

Underestimating the power of design and creativity and overestimating the potential of digital marketing tactics can kill a business. No doubt, marketing tactics are essential for business success, but still, everything revolves around a website, the evidence of your successful business in the digital world. Where most eCommerce businesses are…

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