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At Digtize we deliver one of India’s top SEO services. We execute the entire digital marketing plan from conceptualization to final stage results. While we have adopted a 360° approach to digital commercialization, our experience includes SEO offerings – from Enterprise SEO to local SEO, App SEO, Video SEO, and so on.

We ensure that your content remains on the first page of each search result.

Whether it is about keyword research and guidance, broken links, uncertain content, layout positioning, mistakes in coding, or news on sites that are beyond your site. 

Our professional SEO team has mastered it all. 

Our strength is in analyzing and linking your internet content and your web properties affect our credibility as India’s best SEO company.

If you’re concerned about your digital performance, you’ve met the right companion. We help you to reach the marketing goals you have always desired and help your business to grow.

Let us know a bit about them:

Enterprise SEO:

Everyone knows that even big companies can be difficult to locate, regardless of whether they’re an international e-commerce portal that has thousands of items, an online hub with hundreds of corporate resources, and a blog network aiming for expansion into the global market.

Via our SEO services at Digtize, we concentrate on creating an integrated SEO plan for your website at the enterprise level.

We address ambiguity, size, and volume in order to provide you with the required performance. 

We enter the minds and hearts of your target audience using our content-based, metrics-focused methodology, analyzing your competitiveness and content using a keyword-based approach. We work with you to improve the quality of your current pages and to help you get ahead of the competition.

Local SEO:

You may be the largest store on Main Street, but you lose a huge number of customers and revenue if you don’t turn up online in local searches. It is really important for you as a small company to be visible to keywords in your industry.

Local SEO is a powerful means of marketing your company online.

 Local SEO encourages companies to advertise their goods and services to the local public.

Local SEO supports you: 

  1. Build your exposure online
  2. Reach prospect close to your area
  3. Gain tracks and sales.
  4. Improve brand reputation

Our task is to make sure that you are seen to your customers in any location, particularly to those who are closest to your company. This is where Local Search Optimization comes in handy.

Video SEO:

Do you want your videos to be viewed by all? SEO for video is a specialized SEO division that primarily refers to the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube! 

Youtube- which is owned by GOOGLE!!

Therefore, it is no surprise that a growing number of companies are moving towards marketing services for Youtube as the latest approach to driving revenue.

 Video SEO is a method of content optimization that increases search returns organically. Although, the best video contents in the world are just there without the right kind of SEO. 

No worries, you have an expert video marketing agency at your fingertips with Digtize to support your channel to get your audience.

E-commerce SEO:

eCommerce SEO is the science and art of optimizing the search results of your shopping platform around unique keywords on search engines such as Google.

 Increased traffic is too significant for an online e-commerce website. 

We will help you increase the number of visits and purchases online by using your content and platform. 

We are a complete SEO service supplier that helps Ecommerce shops reach top positions for the keywords and phrases most sought after. 

Our SEO team is supported by programming professionals with experience in the development of e-commerce websites and who have previously optimized these platforms on several occasions.

Google Recovery Services:

You could have been affected by Google’s Penguin Penalty if you have experienced a sharp sudden decline in your site’s website and ranking.

A consequence for a search engine is a detrimental effect on the search results of a blog based on search engine algorithm changes or a manual analysis and punishment for following black hat techniques from the SEO.

Our experts from Digtize deliver a well-tested approach with verified results that can restore the site to top search results. 

Our Google Recovery Services Team takes charge of all the data from a complete link detox of the website to recognize the causes that contribute to a decline in rankings.

SEO Reseller Services:

73.2% of internet users do not speak English as a primary language, therefore it is important to add your site to international languages.

Don’t worry, we got your back!

Enjoy continuous business growth as we handle the customers’ initiative. You take credit for the results while we will happily work tirelessly in the background for you.

Add more SEO and PPC clients to your company confidently, trusting that we got you! 

Our SEO reseller program can be very lucrative particularly if you want to outsource work in bulk.

Multi-lingual SEO:

Apart from English, about 75 percent of the internet. So you only meet 25 percent of the world public if you have a national audience! 

Multilingual SEO can also be an important part of the Internet marketing policy for international search engines. 

Digtize provides you with multilingual SEO services to choose keywords in a large number of popular foreign languages, e.g. French, Spanish, and German.

 In addition, we do not just aim at nation search engines. We target search engines unique to the industry instead. 

Our multilingual specialist SEO services guarantee that you can access a wider global audience across the world’s web.

Mobile SEO:

If you need web app creation or you have a genius concept for a smartphone app, with an excellent user experience, we will translate your idea into a tangible, functionally sturdy, and easy-to-use framework. 

Mobile SEO includes modifications to the algorithms of the platform in order to match the search engines. 

As 30% of smartphone owners surf the Internet on mobile phones, optimization of the mobile search engine is a vital feature you cannot afford to ignore. 

We make sure that the web is organized and information delivered to the customer in a manner that the surfing experience is satisfactory.

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