Why & How Aksshit Sold his Blog for $6000

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We have Aksshit Wadhwa, the previous proprietor of Bloghaul.com, in our current interview. Here’s a little about bloghaul.com for you.

Bloghaul.com is top notch blog to learn about Blogging & SEO tips, tricks & techniques, and Making Money Online for massive profits.

About the Proprietor

Aksshit Wadhwa, a Digital Marketer and Web Developer, running bloghaul.com recently sold it for $6000.

“My main business objective was to teach aspiring bloggers about blogging and digital marketing and provide practical information through bloghaul so that they can also build their own blog”

Aksshit said.

How did he monetize his blog?

“There was no traffic and no bloghaul revenue when I started. So I looked for sponsored articles and banner advertising for monetization purposes and I slowly began to receive paid posts and advertisements for bloghaul.I took several paid posts in my blog thereafter. However, slowly as traffic rose on the website.”

he said.

 He further discontinued taking sponsored articles and moved from sponsored articles to affiliate marketing.

“On my website I used to offer research tools for keywords, web hosting, and email marketing affiliates,”

he added.

After advertising these products on his website, he slowly began to make enough money to manage his blog expenses. 

Why and how?

Why did he sell his website?

“I don’t want to speak badly about anyone,” remarks Aksshit.

In the blogging sector, there are so many new individuals arriving. Even the ones who don’t even know about what blogging is and showcasing themselves as experts in the industry blogging. Thus, just the mob in the whole business has risen, delivering no quality material.

“I’m leaving the niche, it doesn’t mean I leave the blogging, or I won’t be here anymore. I started my own digital marketing firm last year, which carries out Web Development, SEO and Marketing projects for customers. DON’T FOLLOW THE MOB, RATHER LEAD THE MOB”

he added.

How did he sell his website on Flippa?

Aksshit tells us step-by-step procedures on how he managed to sell his website enlightening others looking for the same.

Step 1: First, make an account on Flippa.

Step 2: Fill out your personal information and upload your actual photo (Many sellers use stock images which shouldn’t be done if you’re genuine about selling your website).

Step 3: After filling out the correct details on flippa, verify yourself so it makes your profile stand out from other sellers and buyers who themselves trust verified accounts only.

Step 4: After filling up the details, it’s time to write the quality and uniqueness of your website or blog you have. Mention additional assets like an engaging Custom Website Design, Email List, Facebook Group, Twitter account or Facebook page if possible. This will make your listing more authentic.

Step 5: Give actual traffic reports as it will help buyers understand the current scenario of your website traffic.(Never use any kind of Photoshopped traffic image, if a buyer finds your list inappropriate and reports it on your account then there is a high chance your account may be banned.)

Step 6: After completing the above steps, fill in your pricing expectations or reserve the price for your website.

Step 7: Then wait for a genuine buyer.

“If you fill out everything properly I am sure you will be able to sell your website for profit,” added Akkshit.

You’ll receive offers from some buyers, if they’re genuine, choose the one with the best price.

Aksshit sold bloghaul.com for $6000 which was a great deal.

How can someone prepare him/herself to sell their blog in the present scenario?

If today one wishes to sell their blog, first, one needs to concentrate on the blog’s simplest element. “How distinctive is your blog from other blogs?

Find out all aspects of your blog’s distinctive nature. Be it being niche specific, or its own custom developed WordPress, or a customized logo, or maybe the monthly revenue generated from it.

The seller needs to showcase every little detail so that the buyer can comprehend it easily and doesn’t have to think twice about it.

Therefore, these details matter a lot and can have a lot of impact on your blog getting sold.

How does the transfer of the website take place?

Today’s time to sell a website is very secure. You do not have to worry about the payment. Without your permission, nothing is moved. 

“I sold my website using escrow as a means of payment, therefore my entire experience with escrow is quite nice,”

says Aksshit.

They give information about each and every step right when the buyer accepts the proposal to when he/she releases the money. It is incredibly sharp and clear at every step.

Hence, with that much transparency, neither the buyer could commit a fraud nor can you.

Future Plans

Further, asking Aksshit about his future plans he concluded by saying,

“I have planned a lot for the future, but I cannot reveal much right now. However, my concentration still remains on my digital business for the time being and I will later launch a few of products. Overall, there are also some exciting aspects.

The entire job is underway. I shall thus publicize and announce things on my social media when things are finished.”

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