How Web Design Can Boost Your Sales in 2022 : Proven Ways

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Underestimating the power of design and creativity and overestimating the potential of digital marketing tactics can kill a business.

No doubt, marketing tactics are essential for business success, but still, everything revolves around a website, the evidence of your successful business in the digital world.

Where most eCommerce businesses are investing money in SEO to drive traffic, generate sales, and earn revenues, there are companies with out-of-the-box thinking that stimulate sales and attract real customers by focusing on high-quality visuals and web design.

Companies that see the digital world creatively believe that every aspect of your website, from appearance to usability, must be creatively designed.

Most people already know that a good website designed around a powerful lead generation strategy gives the visitor a feel of security, provides the customer with an effortless shopping experience, assists the customers to navigate through the pages, and makes the checkout process seamless.

But very few people know just how colossal a well-designed website can affect the quality and credibility of online business.

A well-designed website has the power to turn the struggle into success by turning underperforming and customer-repelling websites into conversion-driven and user-friendly websites. Here is what else you need to know:

  • 75% of the users form an opinion on website credibility based on web design. It also takes users about 0.05 seconds to determine the website’s credibility.

A good website is a conglomeration of design, credibility, and reliability, and these three aspects can help an outdated website outshine, outperform, and outreach.

The design of the website is one of the most important trust factors for the customers, and they are likely to purchase from websites that are clean, modern, and updated.

  • 38% of the people stop engaging with a website if its layout is not visually appealing.

Unattractive websites mean no engagement. No engagement means zero sales. Zero sales means your business gets knocked-out of the digital world.

A website that catches customer’s attention and gets them to engage with the content helps you make waves in the industry and increase metrics (sales, revenues, customers) that matter the most.

  • 89% of the users shop with competitors after a bad user experience.

Bad user experience can force visitors to leave the site and visit a competitor’s site. However, figuring out how the design of the website affects the experience of the user can improve the sales of an eCommerce business.

To increase B2B sales, a business needs better-qualified leads, more new leads, more conversions, increased customer lifetime value, and shorter sales cycle, and here are the ways to target all of that.

8 Ways How Web Design Can Boost Your Sales

1. Significance of Research

The first impression is the last impression” – a phrase that is true for anything and everything, even your website.

Nurturing customer relationships, providing value, and building trust is the second things. First comes your website- your landing page – the reflection of your company.

It is not just a landing page; it’s how they get there.

Web Design Can Boost Your Sales - Landing Page

Let’s say if a physical store is cluttered and un-kept, who would like to shop?

Customers will shy away because another option is a mile away. What’s the solution? The simple answer – Research!

The process of mitigating the risks of losing business starts with clearing the misconceptions. One of these misconceptions is that a deep understanding of the behaviour and demographics of the target audience is only required for developing a marketing strategy.

The truth is that the understanding of the target audience is must have to identify the overall preferences and likings of the customers. In other words, proper research is imperative to appeal to the audience.

Most of the business owners choose to design their website as per their personal preference, even if they are not designers. This method will result in nothing but disappointment. Research is important to create a website that best accommodates the needs and journey of the customers.

2. Keep it Simple: A Crisp, Clean, and Simple Design Sells

In this fickle world of online shopping, every company puts as much information as possible on the homepage but hardly puts up with a site that tells the customers everything they need to know straight away.

What companies need to understand is that the concept of website design doesn’t start and end with aesthetics. Looks are important but so are the usability and functionality of the website.

In a recent Hubspot survey, 75% of the respondents rated “ease of use” as the most important aspect a website could have. A website that is too cluttered and too complex to navigate becomes an obstacle in the growth of your business.

On the other hand, simple, effective, transparent, easy-to-use, and easy-to-navigate websites become the home of paying customers.

An interesting layout leaves a positive impression, simple typography helps users avoid distractions, and properly aligned content helps users focus on more important points you know, that ones that lead to call-to-action.

Better user experience is the key to close the deal and simplicity is the key to customer satisfaction.

A crisp, clean, and simple design leads the customers where they want to go, without getting stuck with some irrelevant information and lost in the dark corner of the website.

3. Make it Ready for Mobile Sales.

37% of the consumers are more likely to buy from mobile responsive websites, so it goes without saying that a website must be mobile-friendly.

A website must give the visitors the same smooth experience and eCommerce performance on mobile that it gives on the laptop/computer.

Mobile Responsive Website
Image Credit : Chris Bannister

In 2018, mobile devices accounted for 48.2% of the website traffic worldwide, and in 2020, the percentage increased to 62%.

The percentage of visitors continues to increase sharply, year after year.

There is no point in losing sales just because the website is not compatible with mobile devices.
51% of the users reported that they encounter mobile-friendly websites that often crash or freeze while 73% of the users reported that the websites are slow.

79% of the users are less likely to shop from these non-optimized mobile-friendly websites. “Purchase without interruption” should be the motto of online stores and eCommerce businesses.

4. Place Call-to-Action (CTAs) Buttons in Strategic Places

Making call-to-action buttons stand out by placing them in strategic places to increase conversion and boost click-through rates an open the doors to more customers.

When placed properly, call-to-action buttons assist users to navigate through the website and help them proceed further with their buying process.

Underestimating the power of placing CTA strategically can lock the power of a website to make an incredible impact on your conversion rates.

Even a little focus on call-to-action can make an incredible impact on conversion rates. So the simple answer to “how can web design improve sales” is – designing CTAs that are easy to find and strategically-placed.

For instance, performable, a marketing automation company, changed its CTA from green to red, and the company witnessed a 21% increase in its conversion rate.

RIPT Performance, a premium gym and fitness brand, changed its button from green to yellow, and there was an increase in conversions by 6.3 per cent.

It’s worth spending time on figuring out the best placement on the website for the important links.

5. Use High-Quality Visuals and Construct Visual Hierarchy.

Considering human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than textual information, it becomes extremely important to use high-quality visuals.

Visuals keep audiences engaged on the website for a long time. Even 94% of all the first impressions of consumers are based on visual design.

If visuals on a website, like product images and product videos, are not of high-quality, the visitors can perceive your website as unfaithful.

A good website enhances the user experience with high-quality photos, videos, and graphics that add visual pop up. On the other hand, long walls of text on the website can only restrict your business from engaging more customers and getting more sales, especially where there are no visuals on the website to break these walls into pieces.

Most of the companies report an increase of as much as 114 per cent after adding visuals to their websites. That is the reason why eCommerce website must be eye-catching.

That includes colors that match customers’ preferences, information about the products that is clear and accurate, pictures and videos that give additional information and responsiveness that provide that customer with an excellent experience.

That being said, an only visually-appealing website won’t do any good. A sluggish but visually-awesome website can’t become the source of satisfaction for consumers.

6. Remove Distractions

Bombarding home page with offers and sales and cluttering it with a variety of sales pitches won’t result in a high conversion rate.

If boosting online sales is the goal, then making it easier for the customers to choose the right direction should be the priority.

You may want to do good by offering the discounts, but in reality, the more offers you present them with, the more unsatisfied, unclear, and uncomfortable they become.

If the visitors find it difficult to decide one among fifty other offers, they will likely buy nothing at all.

The two most important questions that need to be answered before pulling together a web design strategy are:

  • What paths will visitors take to make a purchase?
  • How the visitor will be led by step-by-step to the next offer or conversion?

Taking feedback from a professional web designer or engaging the services of a seasoned inbound marketer can help a website attract more visitors and business maintain a respectable brand reputation.

After finally coming up with a clear strategy of where to place on the website, a designer must be sure of making the word “free” very loud and clear.

Offers or discounts on the website must untangle the threads of confusion in the consumer’s mind and not entangle them.

7. Provide Social Proof

Human beings are social species that want to belong. Seeing other people sharing their opinion about a product or services encourages us to share our opinion too.

Leaving room for client testimonials and reviews on eCommerce website gives new visitors the confidence to take a plunge.

Another effort that web-designers can make is adding a “best-sellers” section.

New customers can be overwhelmed by seeing a wide variety of products on the website.

Drawing new customers to the most popular products is one way to lay the foundation of trust in their hearts. Also, the “best –sellers” section must be easy to navigate and able to integrate visually with the overall web design.

8. Optimize Site Load Speed

A Kissmetrics Infographic shows that business lost 25% of its potential buyers if the website hits 4 seconds of loading time.

That’s a deadly statistics, of course!

What’s the benefit of putting so many efforts into marketing and designing when the visitors are going to leave before the business have had the chance to make a pitch?

The combination of painfully slow load speeds and inept design kills a business.

Most of the new eCommerce businesses don’t think of investing money, skills, time, and talent into designing and developing a website to overcome this barrier of slow site load speed.

It’s important to note that a sleek, crisp, clean, and well-designed website takes much lesser time to load than a website bombarded with blocks of texts, offers, data-intensive graphics and photos.

Screenshot of my Old Blog

Minimizing the photo and video file sizes, while maintaining excellent quality, is the way to fuel the speed of a website. Intentional and artful use of white spaces, colors, and texts can go a long way.

Throw in only a few brand-specific elements to create a website that is a pleasure to navigate and a feeling to buy products from.

Putting quick load speeds on the top of the priority list while designing a website can help a business engage more customers and earn more sales. Investing in page speed services from a digital marketing agency is another way to regularly maintain a website.

Parting Words

Your website is the face of your business and the facial features of your business the design of your website – are the ones that customers get attracted to.

So, it’s important to design and develop it as per the customers’ preference. After all, customers are the ones you are doing everything for.

Manage to meet the expectations of your customers and see your sales get skyrocket. Have a crowd of engaged and loyal customers and you don’t have to wait for orders to roll in.

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