Search Advertising

We help you plan and create a search marketing campaign that pursues your goals, whether they are more sales, more leads or improve your return on investment.We are results driven Pay per Click Advertising Agency in India.

Product Listing Ads

PLA ads or product listings are very useful when you are selling real products. It is a great way to bring your products to the attention of search engines and reach your target audience directly. As one of the best PLA advertisers on Google & Bing, we have the knowledge, scale and expertise to promote the acquisition and profitability of your customers.

Display Advertising Services

Advertising via display networks is a cheap way to get great results. But with a large salary you can be in serious danger. With the abundance of guidance, placement, and placement of bidding options available, poor decisions can lead to thousands of dollars being spent within days or hours. To make digital marketing an opportunity for your company, you need the right partner.

Lead Based Marketing Services

Having conducted hundreds of energy campaigns over the years, we are proficient in supplying tons of quality products at agreed costs per lead (CPL). We will create a user-friendly login page, generate targeted traffic from various sources and enable quality delivery.

Mobile Advertising Services

Mobile advertising has grown considerably in recent years in India and globally with the increase in penetration of smartphones and data connectivity. With millions of mobile users surfing the internet for hours every day, billions of advertisements are available for advertisers to display their message. It is clear that no advertiser can ignore this message.

Amazon Ads

Amazon is an electric powerhouse when it comes to online shopping, making it a powerful marketing platform. Developing marketing strategies based on their infrastructure is important and can be very beneficial for online businesses. 

As a marketing platform, Amazon is rich in advertising features and options that can put your company in the spotlight if it is creatively approached. This is where the Amazon advertising services come in. Dig offers a powerful strategy for prioritizing your property and the Amazon consumer base.